Summer job voucher to everyone born in 2004

Are you a young person living in Helsinki and born in 2004?

On 29 March 2021, the City Board decided to grant the summer job voucher to everyone born in 2004.

The City of Helsinki will pay EUR 325 to each employer who hires a young person in 9th grade or born in 2004 with the summer job voucher for the summer between 1 June and 13 August 2021.

The employer can be a company, an association, a foundation or a parish. The employer cannot be a private individual, a municipality or the government. The employer must have a Finnish business ID. The company’s information will be verified from the tax debt register.

Young people born in 2004 can apply for the summer job voucher using this form. They will receive the voucher electronically.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties or transferred outside of the EU or EEA. Data may be disclosed for research purposes in an anonymised form. The data controller is the Culture and Leisure Committee, which delegated the controller’s duties to the Director of Youth Affairs on 27 March 2018, item 71.